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While it may have seemed like spring was never going to get here, old man winter has finally loosened his grip. Its time to remedy the cabin fever, dust off the rods and put them to use again. As the new season begins to get in gear it leaves me with a full tank of optimism and a sense of mystery, what will happen, will there be a new first or a new personal best or maybe something totally unexpected. You really just never know exactly how things are going to play out until the fat lady has finished singing for the year. I welcome you to watch it all slowly unfold right here on this page and join in on the fun by submitting your own photos, reports and stories to the "thelocalhookup@yahoo.com". Best of luck to all this season and tight lines.

Got any interesting photos and reports you would like to share? 


February 2-10, 2014: Chasing Sailfish, Cost Rica.
When I was a young boy I had always been fascinated by what lurked under the surface of the local lakes and ponds. I'd watch the fishing shows on cable as religiously as I did cartoons. What interested me the most on those fishing programs was mostly the freshwater fishing programs and anything I could learn and apply locally sparked even more attention from me. Other than the annual cod trip courtesy of dad I didn’t do much saltwater fishing, so my interest was minimal but there was one saltwater fish that occasionally would appear on some of the outdoor cable broadcasts that would always catch my eye and interest and win over bugs bunny on the TV set, that creature is called a sailfish. It's (arguably) considered the fastest fish in the sea, loves to jump and has a bill that could easily challenge Zoro. As a boy I liked drawing them, along with largemouth bass, trout and whatever lame super hero I was into. The sailfish were just such a crazy and pretty looking fish it seemed natural to sketch them. I remember telling myself that someday when I grew up I'd catch one. Soon after I stopped drawing them simply because it just seemed so out of reach, I was just a kid and just being able to get dad to take me to the local reservoir was hard enough at times, never mind traveling anywhere far. Now fast forward to February 3rd, 2014. I'm all grown up now and on a plane heading to Costa Rica on vacation with my wife. It was an easy sell how would you like to go some place very warm over the winter, tan at the beach, go for a swim at the resort pool and drink a few margaritas and by the way catch some sails, she was down for it all. Months before the trip I had looked into locations and timed the trip to align with the sailfish migration and moon phase. As we were flying I remembered those sketches I drew as a boy and hoped I could make the boy hood angling dream

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