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Fish Stories from our Readers (send us yours).

Fish addict Chris aka Troutdogg sent us this story and amazing pic.

I caught this big female palomino last year on March 29th on the Pennsylvania season opener. We do a lot of scouting prior to the opener, so we know where the real monsters are for the first day.  Well last year on the night before we drove around the area to find that many guys had beat us to the punch and camped out at all of the real good spots. We usually do the same but I couldn't last year. So the morning came and my dad and I met at 3 a.m. and decided to split up and check two spots out and see if they where open. I got to mine and it was taken he got to his and was open, so he called me on my cell phone and he said I got the spot at the Jordan. So I met him there and we set up. After we were all set up I left and wen't to pick up my wife.  When we got back we got settled in and waited to start.  At 8 a.m. we started and we hammered them right away. The hole we started at had lot's of fish in it but no biggins.  At about 9:30 a.m. I said to the wife let's head over! to the Lil Lehigh and see if that big palomino is still there.  We got there around 10:00 a.m. When we got out of the Jeep we walked over the bridge and saw 2 other palominos that were smaller and the I saw the ONE. We hurried down and watched about 5 other guys get frustrated because they couldn't get her.  When a area opened up enough that I could get in, I did.  The first couple throws I had her looking at what I was throwing. Then it happened but I missed her. I thought, that was my chance and I blew it. But I was wrong, a cast or two after I'd missed her, I had her on. She ran up stream she ran down stream it was awesome. After about a ten minute battle my dad finally netted the monster. I caught her on my 4' ultra light rod with 4lb. test. I rushed her to the nearest bait shop to get weighed because I thought she'd be close to our PA state record. She weighed in at 11lbs. 7oz. which at the time was 3 ounces shy of the record. But I wasn't upset, she's still a trophy.

Chris aka Troutdogg


April, 2009: Giant Pike, UK
Our UK Reader Danny has had some amazing fishing success and has recently caught this 31 pound 14 ounce pig of a pike. Danny reports that he broke his county record with this fish and its his second 30lb+ fish from the same venue. His 31lb 14oz pike is the venue record, beating the previous record by 1lb 2oz. His record fish as all his pike came on a artificial lure (see picture for lure type). Great job Danny, keep those pictures and reports coming.